Search Committee Recommendation


Meet Chip Handrich

Chip was born in Canton, Ohio and spent all of his school years in nearby Massillon. His high school interests included broadcasting, journalism, music, and drama. Chip met, Marcie, in high school choir. Music continues to be a vital part of their lives. He is a life-long learner.  Chip has a Bachelor of Music Education from Friends University, a Masters of Music Education from Wichita State University, attended the Institute of Voice Performance Pedagogy from Oberlin Conservatory, and is a Certified Level III in Somatic Voicework.  He has been involved with church music ministry throughout his career and has been serving in Frederick, MD as the Music and Worship Pastor for the past twelve years. 

Chip utilizes the talents that he has to engage with the communities where he serves. He has served as the Assistant Conductor of The Frederick Chorale and the Music Director and Conductor of the Golden Tones Senior Citizen Choir for the past seven years. Chip also belongs to the American Choral Directors Association and the National Association of Teachers of Singing and Somatic Voicework Teachers Association. 

Chip & Marcie have two sons living in Norman, Oklahoma and one in northern California. They also have eight grandchildren.  Chip has many interests including vocal pedagogy, music, (from sacred and classical to jazz and bluegrass); attending live theater and concerts; camping; spending time in nature; antiquing; clock repair; travel; running; reading; and spending time with Marcie.

Words of Affirmation from Chip's References

Chip has a deep relationship with the lord. He has developed very good interpersonal skills and continues as a student of both worship and music. He has been asked to do some things outside of his comfort zone, such as lead small groups or develop a contemporary worship service, and has done a remarkable job despite being stretched.

Dr. David Burt
Former Congregant from FBC Frederick, Maryland

Chip has outstanding character. Chip is a hard worker; he puts in his time. He prepares diligently for rehearsals. I have worked with several good music leaders but none prepared for rehearsals as well as Chip does. He carefully works through music for both services. On Sunday morning, I know everything is going to be taken care of, and I never have to worry about it. Chip is "a detail person."

Dr. Larry Eubanks
Senior Pastor, FBC Frederick, Maryland

Chip is a "Choral Arts" person that is focused on traditional music. However, for more than a decade he has led the contemporary service and is very comfortable in that setting now. I know he prefers and thrives in the traditional setting. I admire Chip's vocal training and his performance and how he continues his training.  Our church is a "thinking" church where lots of questions and subjects are discussed. Over the years Chip has grown both spiritually and intellectually.  

Shannon McWilliams
Former Colleague in Ministry

Words of Recommendation from the Search Committee

My first impression of Chip was that he was so genuine and earnest, and humble. During the selection process, it was apparent that Chip uniquely possessed the qualities that we were looking for in an Associate Pastor of Worship and Music. I am so very much looking forward to his arrival and excited about the leadership and creativity that he will bring to our worship experience.

Ken Personett

In the beginning of the search process I had extremely high expectations for the incoming Associate Pastor of Worship and Music. The candidate needed to be a standout musician and leader. We needed a pastor who would appropriately challenge musicians at all skill levels and intentionally involve diverse members of the congregation. More importantly, the church required someone who could connect with individuals on a personal and spiritual level, helping them to grow as people and Christians. It is my opinion that Chip Handrich successfully fulfills all of these needs. His clear love for God and passion for his work is contagious. Our church and community will be better with Chip in it. 

Dustin Williams

Talking with people and reading references about Chip; we heard words such as 'compassionate, caring, hard-working, creative, dependable and team player' over and over again. As we met Chip and have gotten to know him, it is obvious that he truly loves what he does and consistently strives to share God's word and love through music. He seems to value some traditional aspects of worship that we cherish, but also works to incorporate new ideas and creativity into worship. I feel certain he has the ability to 'stretch' us in an artistic sense--encouraging and offering us new ways in which to grow. He, himself, seems to be continually wanting to learn, which I think, in turn, will challenge us to do the same. I am very excited about the possibilities that Chip can bring to 2BC. He has a plethora of experience to share--both as a minister and as a musician."

Leslie Bunch

In our conversations with Chip we have come to see that his desire in worship is to reach a variety of people for Christ; embracing both traditional and innovative worship experiences. We look forward with anticipation to Chip's leadership.

Susan Miller

In our first interview with Chip, the question was asked regarding books he had recently read and authors he appreciated. His answer made an immediate connection as he talked about NT Wright and Nadia Bolz-Weber. We proceeded further with interviews and face-to-face meetings that connection strengthened. I believe Chip will blend well with our staff and be a great addition to our church.

Carol Weirich

From the beginning, it felt as if God was encouraging us as a committee to call Chip. Every time we would gather to evaluate candidates, Chip kept rising to the top of our conversations. His musical acumen is fantastic, and that is certainly an important part of this role. However, what stood out more to me was his demeanor. The way that he could make a connection with us when we talked and the fact that he has always been authentic with us. He is truly a lifelong learner in his career, in his spirituality and his personal life. He will be a great addition to our church community.

Nick Bartlow
Chair, Search Committee for the Associate Pastor of Worship and Music

Words from the Candidate

“Meaningful, Christ-centered community, transformational worship, missional presence, a well-developed music, and arts program with broad participation of children, youth and adults…” When I first read these descriptions of 2BC, I was energized, excited, and intrigued to learn more. My search of the website and viewing of some worship services confirmed that 2BC was the church I have been praying, longing and searching for during the last several years. Although I have led both traditional and contemporary worship services, my greatest passion has always been for sacred and classical choral and instrumental music. The high level of musicianship and participation at Second Baptist is exciting! It has been a blessing to become familiar with the church’s DNA through interaction with the search committee, Jason’s preaching, and the awareness of the involvement of so many members in the worship services and other ministries.

 My wife, Marcie, has been drawn in the same way. Our visit to Liberty gave further evidence that God was leading us. Time spent with your wonderful staff was rich and meaningful. Your passions are our passions. We continue to pray about the amazing possibilities for all that God may allow us to accomplish in service together in God’s kingdom!