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Behind the Making of the 175th Anniversary Book by Andrew Nash

At last year’s church picnic, Harold Phillips and I began talking about the need to write a book for Second Baptist’s 175th anniversary. That sparked a conversation between the two of us about what we wanted and what we needed to make a church history book happen.

We knew what we didn’t want. What we didn’t want was a textbook. What we didn’t want was a dry chronology. What we didn’t want was a book that wouldn’t be opened for another 25 years. 

We also knew what we wanted. We wanted a book that told stories based on broad themes. We wanted as many people to be a part of the book as possible. We wanted a book people could be proud to have on their coffee table. 

We also knew we needed help and we needed a committee. Eleanor Speaker brought a deep knowledge of the church archives. Sue Wright brought a network of writers and an unmatched enthusiasm. Carolyn Fulk brought a tireless effort and had connections to help us fill in the blanks. Harold brought guidance and ideas that helped point us in the right direction. I brought a different approach to writing as a former newspaper reporter and editor. 

We had others write about their favorite people, events, and memories. I wrote more than 100 pages for the narrative chapters, but we supplemented those chapters with breakouts on “Stalwart Saints” and other themes to break up the text. We asked for and compiled “Second Thoughts” earlier this year. All told, we’ve had more than 140 submissions from more than 100 contributors. Carolyn and Eleanor have scoured the archives for photos and asked for others from church members. 

Right now, the text of the book is in a three-ring binder. We’re in the final editing stages and sending it to our designer before printing for the church Thanksgiving meal.

If you want a book, please order now online or in the Welcome Center any Sunday in September. The deadline for pre-orders is September 30. Ordering ahead of time is important so we can print the right number of books for everyone without running out. A lot of effort has gone into it, and we can’t wait to show you the final product. 

at Wednesday, August 29, 2018
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Celebrating Mike! by David Fuller

Second Baptist Church is celebrating Mike Lassiter’s ministry throughout the month of August. Today we celebrate Mike’s time as the youth minister. I grew up just north of here between Holt and Kearney and attended the small Baptist church in Holt. As you can probably guess there was not much of a youth group or any sort of program for students in middle school through high school.

Fortunately for me, Mike started his ministry here not long after I graduated from WJC and joined 2BC. Mike was looking for volunteers to help chaperone different activities and work with the students, and I was available and gladly offered to help. Little did I realize when I accepted his offer that I was finally going to get the opportunity to participate in a high school youth group. With Mike, I was allowed to go to summer youth camps, go backpacking and skiing in Colorado (where I had true mountaintop experiences), and go to a slum in Mexico to help the youth group build a retirement home for a minister. I was able to experience so many things that I never could before. 

However, I wasn’t just a guy in his early to mid-20’s looking for an experience I never had in traveling with teenagers. Mike also invited me to join the youth leadership for weekly gatherings on Sundays. I helped lead Bible studies, participated in discussions, and sang along with the kids during their worship time. Through Mike’s example, I learned how to minister, to be the witness God wanted me to be. It was easy for me to work with kids who came from the same social economic background. But Mike demonstrated how to invite and involve kids who were ignored by their peers and maybe even their parents. He really showed me how to go outside my own comfort zone and find those in need.
Many kids in Liberty were loved on by Mike over the years – even those whom others may have overlooked. I am grateful, and our community should be grateful, for the lives that Mike has influenced through his many years of ministry here at Second Baptist – not only students but even the youth pastors who have followed in his footsteps. And I am personally thankful for how Mike shaped me as a young adult.

at Monday, August 27, 2018
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Remembering Mike as a Youth Minister by Beth Dusin

Hello.  My name is Beth Dusin.  I have been a volunteer youth leader here at Second for quite a while, since way back in the days before cell phones.  The importance of this detail will become clear shortly.

When I was asked to share a few thoughts about working with Mike Lassiter as a volunteer, I was happy to say yes.  I have many sweet memories and longtime relationships from my days of traveling and serving with 2bc youth.

When I began organizing my ideas for this morning, I was surprised that the process was kind of complicated.  Not because I don’t value Mike and appreciate his service with our kids. Of course, I do! It was just hard to figure out exactly what to say. 

Should I tell the story about the trip to Kentucky when we broke down and had to push the vehicle to a place where we could make a pay phone call to Triple-A?  A pay phone. And how the man who came to help us was expecting to find one person in a Mazda and instead found a whole bunch people in a church van? A great story, but not really a story about Mike.

Or maybe I should recount the ski trip story when the kids got too cold to ski and we spent hours in the lodge playing cards.  And you should know that some people said I taught them to play cards for money on that trip==and might even have said so in a talk to the folks at Wednesday night dinner== but that is hardly true at all.  This is the same trip where one of us managed to get tangled up with a blind skier. Another good story, but it isn’t really about Mike either.

Or maybe I should tell the story about the trip to Florida in two church vans.  And the vans got separated and the only way to try to find each other along the interstate highway system was using a set of questionable walkie-talkies?   Walkie-talkies. Funny story, but not really about Mike either.

Or I could tell the story about the youth retreat when we stayed at the missionary home and somebody ended up drinking spoiled milk for breakfast.  Didn’t taste too bad, they said. Another great story, but again not about… Wait, that story is about Mike.

So here’s what I discovered.  I think the reason it was hard to think of a story about Mike is that Mike isn’t really about Mike.  Mike is about building relationships, loving people and serving others.

And when I tried to think of some words of wisdom I heard from Mike I had the same experience.  Mike doesn’t talk about how to treat others. Mike just shows you how to treat others. In Mike, we had a wonderful picture of kindness, and patience, and service and reaching out to people who are different than you.  And especially not getting too shook up when things get a little bit crazy. 

Dr. Maya Angelou said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I know that the kids Mike ministered to here at Second, would tell you that he made them feel important and cared about.  And that Mike is someone you can count to be there when you need him, even if you called on a questionable walkie-talkie or a pay phone in the middle of nowhere.  

Our appreciation for Mike will continue as we leave worship this morning. Each of us will get a Zero bar,  which is Mike’s favorite candy. Folks with allergies, please note that Zero bars contain crunchy peanuts and creamy almond nougat.   Did you hear that friends? Zero bars are sweet and nutty, which is a pretty good picture of youth ministry, isn’t it?


Remarks given by Beth Dusin on August 12 in recognition of Mike's nearly 30 years of service to Second Baptist church.



at Friday, August 24, 2018
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